The Grandfathered War

That filthy Kobold...
From the mind of Diggle

That filthy lizard has designs on my ancient spelltome. I know it! I see the way he stares at it. And just the other day he tried to trade me garbage for my rat coin! Little does he know that his mind is an open book to me. A short, filthy, smelly book made for lizard children with learning deficiencies…

Chapter 2: Whiteout
Snow news like good news


A swarm of Origami cranes defeated, but at the cost of being stranded in the snowy wastes, the boy-soul powered bikes in ruins. The party takes cover in a cave, finding a hole down into the expanses of the void. Two large statues locked in combat, a book is found, and some wilting bodies, filled with spores, come back and attack the party. After a brief but close fight, the party succeeds and manages to leave the cave.

The town of Drintill nearby finds them, and the barkeep mentions the strangeness of the weather, not to mention the origami enemies. He reveals a subway of tunnels the characters can use to stay out of the storm.

Interlude: The Gnoll Toll
To get that little boy's soul

On their way Yarden mentioned a side job involving a large battle against a force of Gnolls. However instead of a head on battle, the group was ambushed by Gnolls on strange floating machines. A member of the party was captured and dragged behind one of the machines, but the rest of the party managed to take control of the other machine.

A chase led way to a secret back entrance to the fort, and after several battles, they were confronted with the Halfling Sorcerer Frank. He revealed that the gnolls had been terrorizing his land, and he tricked them into thinking they could gather and sacrifice boys souls to revive their god. Not wanting to kill the boys, Frank had been imprisoning the boys in crystals and using them to power the machines.

Frank helps them blow up the supports to the hideout, killing most of the Gnolls inside and eliminating the army. The group keep the boy-crystal powered machines, and make their way north to deliver Nerl to his father.

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Chapter 1: All Manor of Horrors


Initially a small security force for the Gold Hand Militia and their boss Yarden Din, a party hosted at the Manor of Baron Freis Dickle turned sour after two of the guests, Jyn and Nerl Spire, attempted to con the guests out of their money. A fake ritual turned real, a vampire lord was accidentally summoned at the cost of Jyn Spire’s life.

The town of Duncan was unnaturally resurrected, it’s towns folk corrupted. The heroes found themselves with Jianic Thistleborn, one of the party invitees and a General in the last Great War, along with the one surviving Spire brother, Nerl Spire. Making their way to the manor, they slayed the vampire lord and cleansed the manor, although Baron Freis Dickle died in the battle.

In the aftermath Jianic Thistleborn demanded that the party returns Nerl Spire to his father, the Grand Magus Hayden Spire. Hayden is the grand magus for all of the northern kingdom of Histscill, and not returning him might instigate a new war between Histscill and Graemin.


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